Jake Bernstein

Author, Educator, Active Trader  



Jake Bernstein is an internationally recognized market analyst, trader, and author.  

Jake has over 50 years’ experience as trader. He has been trading since 1967!

Jake has authored a veritable library of reference works on trading and analyzing the commodity and stock markets. His 45 books appeal to the full spectrum of investors and traders – from the novice to the seasoned speculator, chartist, non-professional, and professional trader.

Jake also has written articles for numerous trade publications, including Futures MagazineStocks and Commodities, and Money Maker.

Jake has appeared frequently on radio and Television throughout United States and Canada. He has been a guest on numerous business radio and TV shows including Wall Street Week, CNBC.

Mr. Bernstein is the publisher of Jake Bernstein’s Weekly Futures Trading Letter which has been in continuous weekly publication since 1972…Now presented in digital media format as The Jake Bernstein Online Weekly Capital Markets Report and Analysis.

He has developed pioneering methodologies in market forecasting, cyclical patterns, and seasonal indicators. His proprietary published trading techniques include Jake Bernstein’s Key-Date Seasonal Analysis, the Daily Sentiment Index, the Power Momentum Formula and the MAC Method, as well as short – and intermediate-term day trading and long-term trading approaches, based on market patterns.

 Mr. Bernstein also lectures extensively in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. His forecasts and opinions are quoted frequently in the financial press and on numerous websites.

His clients include not only retail traders but professionals, major hedge funds, billion-dollar, internationally known banks and major brokerage houses.

His work is specific, objective, clear and precise. He places NO value in any method that requires interpretation, opinions or perception – they are subjective and are not likely to work.5

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