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The Event That’s Revolutionizing How Trade Strategies Are Implemented

Our Experts Will Be Covering Stocks, Forex, Index, Sector, Options

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My Name Is Sankar Sharma and I'm Going To Be Your Host For 4 Full Days of the Trading Summit

Thank you so much for finding out more information about Trading Expert Summit. Over the years I've conducted countless seminars. Trading Expert Summit is much different than anything else out there.

My idea is to give you a complete full summit experience without having to leave the comfort of your home. From the trading training from world class educators, online networking rooms and even contests and giveaways, I know Trading Expert Summit will give you exactly what you need and want.

It's 100% FREE, so there is absolutely No risk or ZERO RISK, but what you 'll gain by attending, is priceless. Absolutely priceless. Read this page and register your seat today without fail.

Why You Should Attend Trading Expert Summit LIVE

Expert Traders

Learn From The Best In The Field of Technical Analysis and Trading

We Bring It To You

No need to travel and no need to leave home.

Live Networking

Learn From Fellow Traders around the world and exchange ideas.

Top Strategies

Learn The Best and Latest Strategies to suite your trading style and asset.

Abundance of Wealth

Learn From Multiple Speakers who are the best in the field of Investing and Trading. Specially picked from our panel of experts to deliver only the BEST for you.

Multi Time Frame Trading

Multiple ways To Trade the Markets and Multiple Methods to trade the same Market. Multiple Markets to Trade at Multiple Times

4 Days of Extensive Trading Education - Don't Miss!

Featured Speakers

This summit features some of the best and prestigious leaders in Trading and Investing. Here are just a few of the top experts joining us for the event. They will be sharing their time-tested content. You will be glad you took time to attend! See you at the event 

Jake Bernstein

Sankar Sharma

Greg Schnell


Wieland Arlt

This Summit Is For YOU If You Are...

Now is The Best Time To Take Action and Improve Your Trades

This is Your Time... Change Your Trading and Life Today

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This Summit will change the way you trade and the way you Invest, the way you manager your trades, Positions, Orders, Risk, Mindset and the whole lot. Simply Register your seat now and then get ready to have 4 full days of the best content, best speakers, best strategies and lot more.

Event Schedule

Starts at 02:30 PM GMT / 09:30 AM EST
Ends at 09:30 PM GMT/
04:30 pM EST

During These 4 Days You Will Learn Following Advanced TA Strategies for FREE!

Sankar Sharma will try to cover Following Advanced Strategies their advantages , problems and how to use them for measurable results:

  • Crush it With Ichimoku
  • Trading With Volume Profile
  • VWAP Strategies
  • Fractals
  • Fibonacci
  • Power Candlestick Patterns
  • Hyken-Ashi
  • May Be Gann and Cycles Plus Lot More. Don’t wait on this.

Wieland Arlt will try to cover Following Topics:

Professional Risk and Money Management:

In his presentation, Wieland Arlt explains why risk management is essential for trading success. He explains how you determine your risk and what role your trading style plays in this. Whether short or medium term – the risk management needs to be adjusted.

If the risk fits, the question of the optimal design of your own trading arises. This is where money management comes into play, which should help to identify and change one’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Finally, all the parts are put together and applied to one’s own trading.

How to Catch the Big Swings with One Simple Strategy

Wieland Arlt focuses on three criteria for his trading setups: a high probability of occurrence, a long way to the targeted goal and a clear message if the market has changed its mind. These criteria are combined in the expander strategy presented.

Learn why this one simple strategy is suitable for all market phases, get in touch with the ingredients of this strategy and get to know how you can implement that strategy into your trading no matter if you are trading intraday or in the long term.


What Last Event Attendees Are Raving About

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