Sankar Sharma

Sankar Sharma

Speaker, Author, Educator, Active Trader

CEO, Entrepreneur


Sankar Sharma has been a respected figure in the investing and trading community. He is passionate about Technical Analysis, Market Forecast, Training, Speaking and Trading.

As a founder of financial education business such as, Sankar is known as a renowned Trading and Investing educator. He  has been helping several retail and  institutional clients worldwide to achieve greater consistency in their trading results with his cutting edge strategies and 32 plus years of market experience.

Sankar offers market forecast and analysis (based on Technical analysis) for institutional investors and fund managers. He mentors and trains traders. He is also the author of the book ‘Stock Trading Made Simple.’


Sankar has developed his own methodology ‘3R Methodology’ built using hexagonal framework for trading and investing. An Architect of 11 Proprietary Trading Systems, some of his time-tested systems are available for retail and institutional clients. You may  visit for the  quant scanner platform.

Sankar is a renowned speaker and often seen speaking at professional organizations like Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). Some of his work was published in the Society of Technical Analysts Journal.

You’ll  never hear pie-in-the-sky theories from Sankar, only actual strategies and systems, he uses in the day-to-day trading.

He offers numerous training programs (updated every year) to retail and institutional clients. Visit to learn more. 

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